The best gainer-an objective rating

According to experts, the clear winners in the best gainer nomination are:

Serious Mass (Optimum Nutrition) and True-Mass from BSN are among the highest quality gainers currently available on the sports nutrition market.
Muscle Juice 2600 from Ultimate Nutrition is a high-quality gainer, at a reasonable price.
Real Gains (Universal Nutrition) and Super MASS Gainer from Dymatize are high-quality gainers, at reasonable prices. The most favorable price/quality ratio.


Gainers. How to make the right choice? Functional application. Author: Boris Tsatsulin
Gainers differ in a large number of parameters, and a certain gainer is suitable for each person. Currently, there are no special criteria by which you can make an accurate choice, determining the best gainer for an individual. Only personal experience of the application and the results will show how suitable this or that gainer is for you. This article presents an objective rating based on price, quality, composition and other indicators that are important in choosing the best gainer, so in the absence of more precise criteria, you can use this list to navigate the world of sports nutrition.

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True-Mass (BSN)

True Mass Gainer is an excellent supplement for weight gain from BSN. It was created specifically for those people who need additional calories and nutrients necessary for stable growth of muscle mass. TRUE-MASS ® uses the proprietary BSN protein formula to nourish the athlete’s muscles with the necessary protein building elements. The carbohydrate mixture provides energy support caused by extreme physical exertion, helps the body to prepare and support recovery after intense workouts. Healthy fats provide fast-acting fuel to meet the energy needs of athletes.

Pro Gainer (Optimum Nutrition)

Pro Gainer from Optimum Nutrition is an improvement of the famous Serious Mass gainer. Gainer Pro Complex is a multi-component gainer enriched with 25 vitamins and minerals. Unlike other gainers, the protein-carbohydrate composition of Pro Complex Gainer is almost equal in the ratio of protein and carbohydrates: 60 g and 85 g, respectively.

Real Gains (Universal Nutrition)

Real Gains is a high-protein gainer from Universal Nutrition. Real Gains has in its composition a balanced protein matrix containing fast and slow proteins, which, due to different rates of assimilation, provide muscle tissue with a building material for a long time.

Real Gains (Universal Nutrition)