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The best BCAA complexes-reducing agents

Xtend from SciVation is a powerful supplement with an anti-catabolic effect that perfectly combines ingredients that have proven effectiveness: BCAA, glutamine, citrulline and pyridoxine in sufficient doses and ideal proportions. Numerous effects (suppression of catabolism, acceleration of protein synthesis, increased secretion of growth hormone, acceleration of repair, etc.) and synergistic interaction of substances make this supplement the best restorer and post-training complex.
Intra Fuel from SAN is a sports supplement based on essential amino acids, including BCAA, vitamins, reducing agents and muscle antioxidants, designed for use throughout training; it helps prevent the destruction of muscle tissue, provides proper hydration and increases endurance.
Amino X (BSN) is a popular supplement in the West, it has been a sales leader for several years. The composition contains all the necessary amino acids to prevent the occurrence of catabolic processes.

Intra Fuel (SAN)

The best BCAAs

Sports supplements are ranked based on popularity, since no comparative quality studies have been conducted so far:

  • BCAA from Optimum Nutrition (as the most popular brand, although it does not have significant advantages over similar products)
  • BCAA from Ultimate Nutrition
  • BCAA from San
  • BCAA from Weider
  • BCAA from Gaspari Nutrition
  • BCAA from Power System

“Attention” The form of BCAA (liquid, powder, tablet, capsule) does not play a role in the effectiveness. They are all equal.

BCAA 6400 (Scitec Nutrition)