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Features of the gymnastic apparatus

There is no need to visit the gym to train with a gymnastic stick, as this equipment can be used at home. As a rule, the length of the stick is from 110 to 150 cm. But if not a gymnastic stick, you can use a mop handle, a piece of pipe from the cornice or other equipment.
The effect of the exercises is achieved due to the active work of the shoulder joints and the correct position of the spine … Thanks to the equipment, you can keep track of the symmetry of body movements. Over time, movement can be complicated by a special rubber band at the ends of the stick. As a result, you get an imitation of an expander. Depending on the density, the load may increase or decrease.

In the treatment of diseases of the spine, the use of a gymnastic stick is an integral part of therapy. First of all, from posture disorders, reduced flexibility of the spine or dysfunction, as well as the development of osteochondrosis. In such cases, all exercises should be coordinated with your doctor, because doing them incorrectly can aggravate the situation.

Unlike many sports equipment, exercises with a gymnastic stick can be performed at home. The stick can be of different sizes, but for sports activities the most optimal one, which is 1.5 centimeters in length.

However, not everyone has the means to purchase this equipment, so it can be replaced with improvised items. For example, a mop stick or any metal pipe that has the required size and diameter.

When doing the exercises, make sure that your back and shoulders are in the correct position. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a positive effect from practicing with this equipment. The correctness of the performance can be seen in the photo of exercises with a stick.

For those who have problems with the spine, exercises with a gymnastic stick become mandatory.

However, before drawing up a set of exercises with a stick for the back, it is necessary to agree and receive recommendations attending physician.

Комплекс упражнений с гимнастической палкой для детей, школьников, взрослых, пожилых людей


When performing a set of exercises with a gymnastic stick, it is important to follow a certain list of rules:

  • If the gymnastic stick is held in front yourself and all movements are directed in this direction, it is recommended to bend your arms in the elbow area. The stick should be located opposite the collarbone, held with a wide grip.
  • If you need to straighten your arms completely, then it is important to place the gymnastic equipment in line with the floor surface, and your legs at shoulder width.
  • When raising the stick, keep your arms outstretched against each other.
  • If the equipment is held in bent arms, then it is recommended to lower the object below the line of the shoulder blades.
  • If it is necessary to hold the gymnastic object with arms wide apart, then when performing an exercise of this kind, the arms must be bent.

It is important to start a set of exercises with a gymnastic stick with a warm-up. The warm-up period should be at least 10 minutes. It is recommended to perform warm-up with a small amplitude and little effort. Tasks with gymnastic equipment are performed from 4 to 8.

It is recommended to increase the number of approaches, as well as the amplitude of actions, evenly and gradually. Exhale.

Warm-up exercises:

  • jumping rope;
  • jumping in place without using sports equipment;
  • running in place;
  • easy stretching and warming up of all muscles with the help of bends, turns, squats.

Body turns

When performing body turns, it is necessary to fix the pelvis, hips and feet, without movement.

The following muscles are involved in the exercise:

  • abs;
  • back;
  • shoulder joints.

Performing turns body:

  1. The gymnastic apparatus lies on the shoulders.
  2. The arms are bent.
  3. Smooth turns of the body are carried out in each direction in turn.

With good preparation and endurance, the number of turns in each set should be increased.

Lean to the side using one of two methods.


  1. Gym equipment is placed on the shoulders.
  2. The arms should be bent.
  3. The body bends to the left, then to the right.

It is forbidden to strain the muscles of the neck, as the tension in this area interferes with the work of other muscle groups.

Tilts of the body with a different grip of the gymnastic apparatus:

  1. hands, using a wide grip.
  2. The action is performed with the object, one hand is down, the other is up.
  3. The body is tilted down, it is important that the stick is vertical.
  4. The exercise is repeated in the same way with bends in the opposite direction.

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When performing, the body position is used in which the gymnastic stick is on the shoulders.

Performing forward bends :

  1. The initial position of the body is taken.
  2. The body is tilted as far forward as possible.
  3. The chin looks exclusively straight, and the muscles of the body should be tense.
  4. Next the body is tilted back, the back should be without bending.

Комплекс упражнений с гимнастической палкой для детей, школьников, взрослых, пожилых людей

Lunges and squats

Exercises with lunges and squats are performed with a back grip, the object is held in front of you.

Performing lunges and squats:

  1. Any leg of your choice is fixed in place, the other leg is extended as far forward as possible.
  2. The stick is held in one of the following ways.
  3. A slow squat is performed in this position.
  4. Next, the forward leg is pulled back in the same way – again a slow squat.
  5. The exercise is performed with the other leg in the same way.

Exercises from lying on the stomach are included in the mplex of exercises with a gymnastic stick.

Step-by-step execution of the exercise:

  1. Pull the stick forward.
  2. Raise your arms as high as possible upwards.
  3. The head is lifted.
  4. The gymnastic apparatus is retracted to the shoulders.
  5. The chest is lifted, this position is held as long as possible.

There is an exercise done in the same position called a boat. When performing such an exercise, the projectile is held by the hands along the edges of the feet. It is necessary to simultaneously stretch upward, making the maximum deflection of the body.

“Birch” is the most popular exercise from a supine position.

“Birch” is performed as follows:

  1. Arms are straight, the stick is held with a wide grip.
  2. The legs must be pulled to the chest, bending them at the knees, and the projectile should be held under the buttocks.
  3. The arms with the projectile are lowered to the floor, legs straighten, while it is important to pull the socks up.
  4. Legs slowly lower.
  5. Then repeat the exercise in reverse order.

A set of exercises for flexibility and stretching includes workouts with gymnastic stick.

This workout includes a list of tasks using different positions:

  1. Sitting. To perform the exercise, the arms with the projectile should be straightened. Legs are straight, resting on the feet.
  2. Bends while standing. Put your feet wide, the stick should be gripped from behind and parallel to the shoulder blades. It is necessary to perform bends in each direction, while swinging the body with a medium amplitude.
  3. Pivots. In a standing position, the gymnastic apparatus is exposed in front of the body, arms should be straight. It is necessary to turn the stick so that the arms are crossed alternately in different directions.
  4. Putting the arms back. In a standing position, the projectile must be held from below. Hands should be raised and brought back behind the head. Then they take the initial position of the body.

Immediately, we note that exercises with equipment should be regular, only in this case the desired effect can be achieved. Most fitness trainers recommend exercising in the morning, before breakfast. During the exercise, the body will receive a positive charge of energy, and the muscles will tone up.

If there is no time to do exercises in the morning, then choose any other time. But, then it is necessary to adhere to the rules. Classes can be held 2 hours before meals or 1 hour after meals.

Before starting the session, be sure to warm up to warm up the body a little. This is necessary in order to avoid injury during exercise.

Basic rules of gymnastics:

  • classes are best done in the morning;
  • do not use too heavy objects;
  • you should do a little warm-up;
  • do everything smoothly;
  • after the pain you need to stop gymnastics.

Exercise is suitable for both disease prevention and treatment. Regular training will help you cope with illness and improve your well-being.