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Exercise bike – how to do it right

It is believed that in order to keep your body in shape, you need to work out in the gym. But the same results can be achieved at home, as they say, there would be a desire. Moreover, today the market is overflowing with new technical means, the use of which will make training as effective as possible. These include the exercise bike , which needs no proof of popularity.

How do you use this exercise bike to lose weight? What preparation is needed before classes? Which program to choose for the best results? The answers to these and other questions will be discussed in our material.

Benefits and benefits

only professionals in the world of sports are engaged, then in the 90s they became available to the masses. But then not everyone could afford to purchase such a simulator, but today it is available to everyone. There are indoor exercise bikes on the free sale and in almost every fitness club they are available, you just need to buy a subscription.

This is a cardio trainer with which you can conduct aerobic workouts in an intensive mode to increase endurance, work out the heart muscle in the direction of its strengthening, as well as for the purpose of:

  • weight loss;
  • improvement blood circulation;
  • development and strengthening of leg muscles;
  • heart development;
  • make the figure fit and slender;
  • development of the respiratory system.

The results of exercise on exercise bikes meet expectations, since this device allows you not only to effectively burn calories, but also to solve the problem with accumulated fat, transforming it into energy. It is also important that during such classes it is almost impossible to get injured. In addition, such workouts are not contraindicated for people with joint and spinal problems.

If we compare exercises on a bicycle station with training on a treadmill in terms of the number of calories consumed, there is practically no difference between these workouts for this indicator. According to the research results, in one hour of such exercises, about 500 kcal are burned. As a result, a person who regularly trains using this device will develop prominent calves, slimmer waist, hips, buttocks.

Learn more about the benefits of home exercise on a stationary bike:

  • the ability to practice at any time, regardless of weather conditions;
  • no need for safety shoes, helmet or other equipment for convenience and safety;
  • no risk of injury;
  • compactness of the simulator;
  • control over the state of the body and the effectiveness of training.

In modern models, computer equipment is provided, thanks to which it became possible to monitor indicators: calories, heart rate, kilometers traveled and others. Also, in the matter of competent distribution of loads, the ability to select intensity modes helps. The device is designed so that anyone can achieve results, even if their athletic training is at a minimum.

General rules of practice

At first glance, it seems obvious that pedaling is enough to reduce weight and shape a beautiful and slim figure. However, the maximum benefit from classes will be achieved under the condition of a competent and serious approach, and not with occasional intense loads.

The effectiveness of classes depends on the parameters:

  • compliance with technique, body position;
  • optimal load limits;
  • performance monitoring;
  • equipment;
  • compliance with the basic rules of fitness.

Each of the parameters should be considered in more detail.


Mandatory conditions for training effectiveness – compliance with the technique. Beginners most often make several mistakes when exercising on a stationary bike, including the wrong position of the back, namely, its deflection in the lower back. It is important that the back is relaxed, in a natural position for it, possibly with a slight rounding of the shoulders.

It is also necessary to ensure that the bulk of the weight is not transferred to the arms. They should be relaxed. The position of the feet is parallel to the floor. And to evenly distribute the load on the muscles, the direction of the knees should be slightly inward or forward. The seat height must be adjusted! The position of the head is the same as when riding a regular bicycle – straight and forward.


In the process of training, you need to rely on your sensations, monitor the pulse. It is important to remember that these trainings will be most useful for the body, provided that their capabilities match the range of loads. To reduce weight, it is recommended to exercise in a medium intensity mode, when you do not need to apply special effort to pedal. With an increase in loads, you should reduce the time for training. In order for the fat burning process to start, the minimum training duration should be half an hour.

As for the pulse, its frequency is an important indicator. First of all, the upper limit of the heart rate is calculated, then its optimal zone is determined, which allows you to train as efficiently as possible with the help of this device to reduce weight and form a slim figure. Heart rate during warm-up – 60% of the upper limit, during training – 65-75%.

Indicators: observation, control, assessment

It is recommended to create a log of activities, which will contain detailed information about the indicators: “covered” distance, heart rate and others. Thanks to this data, you can achieve the most productivity from your workouts. You need to monitor not only the indicators of calories burned, weight, but also your feelings. Thus, the results of the lessons will be visually presented in the journal for their subsequent evaluation.


There are some simple requirements for clothing for classes: it should not hinder movement, facilitate landing. Cycling shorts and a tank top are the perfect solution. Special gloves can be used to ensure better contact with the steering wheel. In terms of footwear, it is preferable to have a rigid sole, which provides a better fit with the pedals. It can be sneakers, sneakers, but it is not recommended to practice in gym shoes or slippers.


Despite the fact that almost everyone knows about these rules, many ignore them:

    • even breathing through the nose;
    • compulsory warm-up: exercises to warm up muscles, ligaments, joints;

at the end of the training “cool down” – exercises for the gradual transition of the heart to a normal frequency of contractions;

  • should not be engaged in case of weakness, any malaise, feeling unwell.

The training program, duration and load should be optimal for the physical capabilities and goals of the exercising person. For weight loss, the minimum workout duration should be 40 minutes. You can use music to cheer up your class.

Preparatory phase

When choosing time for training, the main reference point should be the biorhythms of the body: for those who like to get up early – morning classes, for “owls” – afternoon, evening. The main thing is that the time interval between training and the time before / after sleep is at least two hours.

Also, eating before classes is allowed at least 1.5 hours, and the use of drinks, drugs, smoking – 1 hour … To eliminate the feeling of thirst, if such arose during training, you should rinse your mouth with water or take one sip.

The warm-up program should include exercises with the participation of those muscle groups that will be involved in the training. These can be bends, squats, as well as exercises to warm up the joints and muscles of the shoulder girdle. Due to the fact that the knees experience the main stress, it is recommended to massage and rub their joints. Also, don’t forget about stretching your leg muscles.

Cycling program

Regularity is essential to effective exercise. At the initial stage, trainings can be carried out according to the schedule: 3-4 (minimum) 20-minute trainings weekly. In the future, the duration should be gradually increased to 45 minutes, then to an hour.

As for loads, you need to choose one of two existing types: uniform and interval. In the first case, the entire workout is carried out at the same pace, in the second, an intense pace alternates with a moderate / calm one. Experience shows that the interval type of load is most effective in terms of weight stabilization and body shaping, it also allows you to achieve a pronounced result in a minimum of training time.

Interval training program:

  1. Warm-up – quiet pedaling with simultaneous warm-up of the arms – 5-10 minutes.
  2. 30-second acceleration – at an average pace with mandatory breathing control.
  3. 30- second maximum load – at the most intense pace.
  4. Several alternations of a calm pace with a fast one.
  5. 10-15-minute “cool down”.

Before starting To train on a stationary bike, even confident people are advised to consult a doctor. During the first trainings, it is necessary to strictly monitor the sensations. In case of dizziness, pain in the heart, shortness of breath, nausea and other unpleasant sensations, classes should be stopped.

Such training is also contraindicated if a person suffers from:

    • cardiovascular insufficiency;
    • asthma;
    • stage II and III hypertension;
    • oncological diseases;
    • tachycardia;
    • angina pectoris, ischemic disease;
    • diabetes mellitus in the acute phase;
    • thrombophlebitis.

In addition, it is not recommended to exercise during colds, infectious diseases, weakness or pain in the spine, joints. If the injuries received earlier have not been completely healed, including bruises and sprains, fixation means should be used – special bandages and tapes.