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Exercises for the buttocks for men – a complex for home and gym

It is believed that the accentuated study of the gluteal muscles is a purely feminine task. In fact, it is useful for the stronger sex as well. We propose to analyze the exercises that allow you to pump up the buttocks of a man.

What is the purpose of men’s training

Fitness programs are often focused on a comprehensive study of the whole body. At the same time, the legs and buttocks are not trained with different exercises. For their development, they use multi-joint elements with a constant progression of weight – squats, leg presses, lunges, etc.

The strength nature of the training provides sufficient load for the entire the lower part of the body, which almost completely eliminates the need for isolated exercises.

Accentuated loads on the buttocks are used only by those men who want to tighten this muscle group. More often, such elements are used in general strengthening and fat burning workouts. This type of exercise does not imply building large muscle volumes, but serves to form a slender silhouette . Therefore, athletes use their own weight or light gymnastic apparatus (dumbbells, weights) as weights.

Exercises for the lower body

Before doing exercises for the legs and buttocks, you should fully warm up. This is necessary to prepare the joints for stress. Without proper heating, the risk of injury increases. For warm-up we recommend walking in the orbit track, jumping rope, squats with your own body weight.

Working out the buttocks in the gym:

  • Squats with a barbell (3-4×8-12). Designed to increase the strength and volume of the leg muscles. Strengthen the ligaments and tendons, load the buttocks, stimulate the increased production of growth hormones.
  • Leg press (3-4×8-12). The exercise allows you to train the lower body for those who are not allowed to squat. The bench press is performed in a special seated machine. The advantage of such a projectile is the ability to shift the focus to the buttocks, thanks to the placement of the feet.
  • Romanian traction (3-4×12-15). The element stretches well the back of the legs and gluteal muscles. Therefore, it is used after heavy squats to increase micro-tears in the muscles, which will subsequently become overgrown with new tissues.
  • Power lunges (3-4×12-15). Designed to work out the quads and glutes. Most often they are performed with a barbell on the shoulders or with dumbbells (weights) in the hands. Effective varieties: cross, Bulgarian, dynamic.
  • Hyperextensions (3-4×12-15). The exercise uses a special machine to work out the lower back. To shift the load from the lower back to the buttocks, the athlete slightly “rounds” the spine and picks up a weight (for example, a dumbbell).
  • Glute bridge (3-4×12-15). The strength version of the exercise involves using a bench as a support for the shoulder blades. The athlete puts a weight on the lower abdomen – a short bar or a barbell pancake.

Working out the buttocks at home :

  • Plie squats (4×15-20). The athlete spreads his legs wide and turns his socks to the sides. This technique allows you to emphasize the load on the buttocks and inner thighs. A kettlebell held in the groin area is used as a weighting agent.
  • Mahi on all fours (4×15-20). In the exercise, a rubber expander is used, the ends of which are held by the athlete in his hand, and the loop is thrown onto the heel. From this position, the legs are abducted at an angle back and up.
  • “Pistol” (4×12-15). The element is squats on one leg while lifting the other to a horizontal state. Thanks to such a load, the athlete works well the muscles of the hips and buttocks.
  • Swing to the sides (4×15-20). You need to stand up straight. One end of the rubber band is attached to the support and the other to the ankle. Smooth lateral abductions are performed. The main thing is not to rush, otherwise the load on the buttocks will be insignificant.
  • Bulgarian lunges (4×12-15). Instead of a barbell and dumbbells, you can use a backpack with heavy books. The technique is as follows: you need to stand with your back to the sofa (about a meter), lean on the seat with one foot and perform smooth lunges.
  • “Chair” (3 sets of 1 minute). The athlete presses his back against the wall, then lowers to the formation of a right angle in the knee joints and holds the position for 60 seconds. To increase the load on the buttocks and hips, take light dumbbells in your hands.

To make the training effective, we recommend performing the above exercises with a complex … As an additional load, you can carry out plyometric exercises: jumping over barriers, jumping on a plio box, working on a rope, etc.

How to reduce the buttocks

Most often, excess volume of the buttocks is associated with excess weight. The best way to lose pounds is to exercise. For men, we recommend combining strength training with aerobic training.

As a rule, the program is built around basic exercises – deadlift, squats, bench press, – divided for three lessons a week. Insulated elements are added to the main elements for better working out of muscle fibers. On free days, the athlete runs, swims, rides a bicycle, and does cardiovascular equipment.

It is also necessary to adjust the diet. If a man consumes an excessive amount of calories, physical activity will not help to reduce the volume of the buttocks.

It is necessary to gradually cut back on the daily calorie content of the menu (by about 600-700 kcal). It is better to do this by eliminating sweet and starchy foods. The diet of a losing weight athlete should consist of natural meat products, vegetables, herbs, healthy vegetable oils and a small amount of cereals. It is advisable to completely abandon alcohol and smoking so as not to inhibit the process of fat burning.

Sometimes excess body weight is a consequence of a disturbance in the endocrine system. As a result, the production of testosterone is inhibited in a man’s body and, conversely, the secretion of estrogen increases. Such pathologies lead to the formation of a female figure – a massive pear-shaped bottom of the body and an underdeveloped top.In such a situation, physical activity and diet may be ineffective. If you notice problems with motivation, libido, and also have fat deposits in the waist, hips and buttocks, make an appointment with an endocrinologist .