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Crossfit for beginners

In the material you will find a list and short descriptions of the most popular exercises with which you can start. And also we have compiled a crossfit training program for beginners, taking into account the current physical form and possible knowledge of the exercise technique. But let’s start with the main thing – with the rules of effective training.

Important training rules

If you want crossfit to be beneficial and effective, it is extremely important to follow these rules. They apply to everyone: both beginners and experienced athletes.


Health comes first, and CrossFit is no exception. Therefore:

  • Be sure to follow the exercise technique. Ideally, the first months are with a certified instructor.
  • Be sure to warm up before training – both articular and muscular (CrossFit injuries are quite common, and the most common cause of them lies precisely in the lack of proper warm-up).
  • At first, do not chase records and heavy weights – enter the mode gradually.

Power & Recovery

Effective training, proper healthy nutrition and high-quality recovery (rest) are the three components of a successful athlete. If at least one of these points falls out, then all the benefits of classes collapse.

  • Give your body some rest. It is advisable to practice at the very beginning of the workouts in the mode 2 days a week, then smoothly switch to 3. are big tasks. Don’t forget about sleep – at least 8 hours.
  • Proper nutrition. Perhaps the most hackneyed topic. But nevertheless, if you train hard and eat everything, then there will be practically no sense from training. After all, if you are gaining mass, then it will have nothing to grow with, you need a surplus of calories, a sufficient amount of protein and complex carbohydrates. And if you are losing weight, then the excess of calories consumed will not allow you to do this, even despite the abundance of training.

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CrossFit scaling

Many novice athletes do not attach importance to such a concept as scaling in CrossFit. What’s the point? For example, the execution time of the complex and the exercises that are used in it will be the same for both a professional and a beginner athlete. That is, both of them will start and finish the same tasks at the same time. What, then, is the difference between them? In working scales.

So, in order for you to make progress, you need to regularly scale your workouts – gradually, step by step, strive for more and more weights and, as a result, results. But the technique should not suffer – it should be perfect anyway.

Basic exercises

Next, we’ll go over the basic movements a beginner should start with in the first month of training.


Burpee is the most famous exercise in CrossFit. It has become a kind of hallmark of this training system. It belongs to the gymnastic class, that is, to work with which you only need your own body and nothing else.

Burpee is great at training endurance – a must-have for a beginner in CrossFit.


Deadlift is the foundation of crossfit training. Originally a movement from weightlifting, it perfectly works out the legs, gluteal muscles and back muscles. In addition, it will be a good start for beginner athletes when doing free weights. Thanks to him, you can understand the basic principles of observing the technique for performing various barbell lifts. Once you have worked your deadlift properly, it will be much easier to move on to the chest, snatch and clean and jerk.

Pulls, squats and dips

We will not dwell on pull-ups, air squats and push-ups for a long time – these exercises are well known to us from school. They are basic gymnastic for beginners and should definitely be included in the training program.

Jumping rope

Rather, even double jumping rope is a very useful exercise. Refers to the cardio block. Perfectly works out the general endurance and coordination of the whole organism. A must-have for beginner workouts.

Press Shvung

Shvung press with a barbell is an excellent power movement. Refers to weightlifting. Works on the legs (calves, buttocks and thighs), the main focus is on the deltas and triceps. Recommended for beginners.


Plank perfectly works out the abdominal muscles (program for the press in the gym and at home). Great for working out after your main workout as an additional workout for your core muscles.

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Sit-ups or V sit-ups – raising the body from a prone position (in the case of V, raising both the body and legs from the same position). The movement works well for abs and general endurance.

Kettlebell swing

There are quite a few types of kettlebell swings in CrossFit, but it is the swings with both hands that are the basis for inclusion in initial training. They are great for pumping your legs, glutes, delts, back muscles and core.


And, of course, cardio exercises like running, rowing, air bike should be included in the beginner’s crossfit training program, depending on what you have in your gym. If you have everything – fine, you will need to alternate. If not, replace one with the other.