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Buttocks workout for girls at home from Lais DeLeon

Have you ever Wondering how to create a fitness model’s body? If monotonous and boring cardio sessions in the company of restrictive diets come to mind, it’s time to dispel myths and start with a clean slate. Everything is much more interesting and dynamic!

Instead of rushing into the loophole without a clear plan, use the advice of professional fitness model Lais DeLeon in training, nutrition and recovery. Then try her weekly workout plan to get your body in perfect shape worthy of a magazine cover!

Start with breakfast

Many people think that life as a fitness model involves severe calorie restriction and even skipping meals, but far from it! For example, Lais DeLeon never skips breakfast and considers it the key to a successful day. She is very responsible for her morning meal, which energizes her for workouts and for the day ahead.

“I start the day with a glass of water and an omega-3 supplement, then refuel with a self-made protein shake , Says Lais. “For my morning shake, I use cold natural coffee, unsweetened almond milk, two scoops of protein powder, a handful of oatmeal, a tablespoon of chia seeds, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, and ice.”

Lais never skips breakfast and considers it the key to a successful day. She is responsible for her morning meal, which energizes her for workouts and the whole day ahead

This may sound like an odd mix of ingredients, but in fact, a balanced blend of caffeine, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and protein is ideal for a morning topping. First-class fuel prepares DeLeon for her workout and ensures that she can train at full throttle. “If you haven’t refueled in the morning, your workout will be far from perfect,” she explains.

Squat Jumping + Bouncy Jump

Keep your arms at your sides while doing this hybrid exercise , feet shoulder-width apart, and lower the pelvis when the legs are in a wide position.

Прыжки из приседа «попрыгунчик» - Лаис ДеЛеон
At the bottom, try to touch the floor with your toes, and then shift your body weight to your heels to jump and bring your legs together. Having sprung up on your toes, spread your legs wide again and lower yourself down to the starting position.

If you cannot reach the floor due to insufficient flexibility of the hip joint, then place an object in front of you and touch it.

Eat fresh and nutritious meals

When the morning meal is over, DeLeon continues to diet wisely. “While I cook things ahead of time so I can have something to eat on the go, I prefer to eat freshly cooked meals as often as possible,” she says. “I think fresh food is the tastiest, and if you like your food, it will be easier for you to stick to your meal plan.”

Lais tries to eat more carbs in the morning and prefers vegetables for lunch. This gives her strength and energy at the beginning of the day when it is most needed, and allows her to burn fat during periods of less activity. When it comes to protein and fat, Lais has no favorites. “I always try to make sure all of my meals are protein sources and tend to contain some healthy fat,” she says.

Instead of drastically cutting calories in an effort to lose weight, eat like a fitness model. Make sure your meals contain 20-30 grams of complete protein from natural sources such as chicken or fish. Eat slow complex carbs like brown rice and whole grains on your menu. watch out for the healthy fats of fish, olive oil or nutrient-rich seeds.

Find the best foods for your body

Certain foods can cause bloating, water retention, and even allergic reactions. To solve the problem, DeLeon recommends finding the foods that your body absorbs best. While this may take some experimentation or even visiting an allergist, you will eventually be able to identify and remove foods from the menu that drain your energy and interfere with your goals.

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Certain foods can cause bloating, water retention and even allergic reactions. DeLeon recommends finding the foods that your body absorbs best

“I try to avoid dairy products from my diet,” DeLeon says, arguing that the products in this category are not very suitable for her. “I also limit my gluten intake and try to choose carbohydrate sources like sweet potatoes and brown rice.”

While gluten and dairy products are not suitable for Lais DeLeon, they may be good for you. Remember that each body reacts differently to certain foods, and try to find the best options for you. Pay attention to how you feel after a meal and remove from your diet foods that may be a source of problems.

Get enough sleep

No matter how busy Lais DeLeon’s schedule is, she always tries to find time to relax. “Let your beauty sleep,” she says. “During sleep, the body recovers from the hard work done in the gym, so a good night’s sleep will guarantee that the next workout will be great.”

DeLeon recommends sleeping at eight or even for nine hours. While this advice is sometimes difficult to implement – especially on days when she has to get up before dawn – she is willing to make these sacrifices to achieve her goals.

Get out of the gym

Too Many people think that to create a fitness model’s body you need to go to the gym almost every day, but this is not the case. The body of a fitness model is created through competent training, and not necessarily exhausting. “I truly believe that recovery time is as important as training because recovery is the key to progress,” she says.

If you constantly wear yourself out, your body will not respond properly. “It’s important to understand that when you exercise, you destroy body tissue,” says DeLeon. “Without full recovery, this can lead to overtraining.”

In addition to at least one rest day per week, DeLeon recommends planning one recovery week every 4-6 weeks, during which you reduce the volume (total number of approaches and reps) of the training load. This will allow you to progress and create the body of your dreams in the long term, not in short spurts.

Add variety to your workouts

When it comes to training, DeLeon is not afraid of change. Strength training is necessary to build the silhouette and muscle of a fitness model, but it is not the only type of workout on her plan. “Undoubtedly, in order to see outstanding results, you need to work with heavy weights,” she says. “But don’t be afraid to deviate from the plan every now and then.”

While she enjoys working to the edge of the one-rep max, DeLeon also likes to include plyometric exercises, an expander, and repetitions from time to time. Training flexibility will help you stick to your plan no matter the circumstances. “Some days my schedule is so tight that I can’t get to the gym. Then I take an expander and train outside or at home, ”she says.“ There is no excuse for skipping a training session. ”

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Some days my schedule is so busy that I can’t get to the gym. Then I take an expander and train outside or at home. There is no excuse for skipping a training session. ”

Due to constant travel, DeLeon has to be creative with training and the equipment available. She has a strategy for all occasions. Very often her training plan comes down to time management. “Spend time planning your training schedule for the coming week and you’re more likely to complete them all,” she says.