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What is bodyflex?

Gymnastics was invented by the American housewife Greer Childers. In Russia, the media fitness instructor Marina Korpan is engaged in the promotion of the method. Any exercise is better than lying on the couch, but can bodyweight workout really help you lose 6 sizes without dieting, get rid of wrinkles and folds, and boost your metabolism?

How did bodyflex appear and who is its creator?

The history of the emergence of gymnastics can be found in the book by Greer Childers. And see the author herself on Youtube. Greer has a website, however, in English. She was the wife of a doctor and suffered greatly from idleness. More precisely, from the hard life of an American housewife. She didn’t get enough sleep, overeat, felt disgusting and recovered up to size 16 clothes. For you to understand, Russian size 46 is 8.

That only the poor fellow did not do, except for rational nutrition and strength training. Greer went to aerobics, but her legs only became thicker, and her stomach, if it did decrease, then only slightly. She ate only vegetables and did not eat at all, but then she broke off the diet. By the way, Childers’ favorite dish is shawarma, that is, burritos, which explains a lot.

The husband left, the joy of life went with him. And if not for a trip to some esoteric guru and training in breathing exercises “for the price of a Cadillac”, Greer would have remained in a dress from “Omar Tent”, as she herself calls outfits for the full.

After a while, breathing practitioner Childers lost weight. And then I created a 15-minute morning complex, included exercises only for problem areas and the face, and followed the knurled information business scheme. First – seminars in US cities. Then – a book about weight loss, which became a bestseller. Next – “Jimbar”. This is not a very handy resistance band for static exercises at home. After – sales of videotapes and books. And finally, everything is the same, but through the website.

Bodyflex is when a person first exhales sharply, then draws in his stomach due to the vacuum and assumes some kind of static posture. After standing this way for 8 slow counts, he can inhale and perform the next rep.

Gymnastics itself looks even stranger than the Russian insanity from Instagram – a vacuum. But it sells great.

True, Marina Korpan, an instructor of group programs and the creator of a whole school of breathing exercises, writes that if you continue to eat buns, no body flex will help. But he continues to teach him.

Bodyflex main idea

The official idea is simple – oxygen burns fat in problem areas. Supposedly holding the breath creates its deficit in the working muscle, then it is abruptly “pumped” into the problem area and begins to burn.

In addition, static exercises, according to Greer, are many times more effective than aerobics:

  1. They do not lead to muscle hypertrophy, which means that the legs and arms will not grow in volume.
  2. Static does not burden the joints and ligaments, and it can be done with sore knees and back.
  3. They are a metabolic activator that makes the body burn calories faster at rest.

All this is great, but the process of fatty acid oxidation is not so simple. Our body cannot “start” with fat burning if there are simpler energy sources, for example, liver and muscle glycogen. Or maybe, but if the liver and muscles are empty and the body is deficient in energy. Normally, the human body stores about 400 g of glycogen. This amount is obtained by adding two average daily rations of a woman with a normal diet. That is, switching the body to burning fat is not so easy.

The second point is that you need to activate certain receptors of adipose tissue in order for the fat burning process to start. And they start working only if the person is in a calorie deficit .

15 minutes of charging in the morning will burn about 50-100 kcal, and this is only if the weight is large. All body flex exercises are of regional impact and low intensity. Hardly anyone will be able to exceed those numbers with them.

What makes body flex for weight loss? Teaches you to draw in your stomach and trains the transverse abdominal muscle. It is thanks to this that saggy abdomens are drawn in and the waistline is reduced. Fat is not burned without a diet. As for the rest of the paraphernalia, it can only tone the muscles a little if a person has not done anything before.

Exercise should be done every day on an empty stomach. The point here is to make it easier to suck in your stomach while holding your breath.

Упражнение вакуум сидя

The role of oxygen and carbon dioxide in breathing

Biology textbooks do not write about the fact that oxygen burns fat during breathing. The role of oxygen in the body is to participate in oxidation on the mitochondria of cells (in relation to fats). But fatty acids still have to go to these mitochondria. They will only be there if the hormonal response is typical of a calorie deficit.

Carbon dioxide is nothing more than a metabolic product that is obtained as a result of cellular respiration and is released into the environment. If you hold your breath, oxygen will not be “absorbed in a larger volume.”

By contracting a muscle or stretching it, a person accelerates blood circulation in the work area. Blood with oxygen rushes there. This theoretically speeds up local metabolism. But there is no scientific evidence as to how much.

Greer wrote that 6,000 kcal can be burned in an hour of class. Then, according to the requirements of the US FDA, this statement was removed from books and speeches, as unproven scientifically. Although the author of the technique refers to the research of the University of California in his book, they say, scientists approve of body flex. But there is no evidence that it alters local metabolism and causes fat burning in problem areas . It just works like regular gymnastics to increase muscle tone and prevent hypodynamia.

Bodyflex Technique

Below is a set of exercises for beginners.

Before starting the lesson, you need to learn how to breathe:

  1. Take a stance: feet shoulder-width apart, relax your stomach and face, rest your hands on your hips and bend slightly at the hip joints.
  2. Slowly exhale all the air from your lungs.
  3. Breathe in sharply.
  4. Also exhale quickly with a poppinggroin.
  5. Pull your stomach in and count silently to 8.
  6. Push the abdominal wall forward and inhale.

Exercises for face and neck

“Ugly grimace”

Stand in a stance in which you learned to breathe, and while holding your breath, push your chin up so that your neck tightens. Perform 3 to 5 repetitions, while holding the breath, there should be a feeling of tension in the neck. This movement should, according to the author’s idea, remove wrinkles from the neck and get rid of cervical osteochondrosis.

Поза Уродливая гримаса в бодифлексе


And now you can straighten up or even sit down if you can hold your breath while sitting. Pull the lips forward with a tube and stick out the tongue. It is necessary to stand with such a face for 8 counts of delay and repeat the exercise 3-5 times